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The refurbishment of this station was designed to make a major statement and increase the street presence, but at the same time to create a great customer experience.

Along with the architects we have managed to design a light and airy steel structure that provides a very organic shape. This was achieved using a steel T section from our partners Raico. This was combined with their toggle carrier system to allow a flush appearance to the glass surface. Due to some clever geometry we have managed to create this shape just using rectangles and parallelograms.

One of the most important stages in the fabrication of this project was the trail build carried out within our workshop. This allowed the fitting of timber templates in place of the glass and stainless steel.

Working in this fashion, we managed to accelerate the site installation time as we had full confidence in the fit of both the glass and steelwork. This principal was carried through and used again on our Govan Underground project.

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