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5 benefits of glass façades

Glass façades offer a variety of practical advantages that make them a hard-to-beat option for designers and architects.

5 benefits of glass façades

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When you see a glass façade - now a common feature of many buildings - your initial thought might be how visually attractive it is. However, glass façades aren’t just for show. They offer a variety of practical advantages that make them a hard-to-beat option for designers and architects.

1.     Energy efficiency
Environmental impact is a key consideration of any project. With glass façades, natural light enters the building, requiring lesser use of artificial lighting sources. Technological developments in glass have resulted in glass being able to regulate heating and cooling in buildings, which is valuable in terms of both meeting energy requirements and saving money.

2.     Cost-effectiveness
In addition to cost savings resulting from lower electricity bills, another way that a glass façade is cost-effective is due to its production. As they can be made uniform in a factory, the overall cost can be reduced.

3.     Flexibility
Glass façades provide flexibility with transparency or translucency. Usually, transparent glass is used for building façades, but the option for glass to be made translucent if desired and into any shape means that architects can be creative in their designs.

4.     Strength
You can be confident that a structural glass façade is very strong and will easily be able to withstand the elements. Whether the building is in a location that suffers with harsh winter conditions or one that has year-round sun, the glass façade will retain its integrity and appearance far longer than traditional building materials. Plus, as a key benefit of glass is that it does not weather or rust, environmental effects will not affect your façade.

5.     Aesthetic appeal
This is the obvious one - the look of a glass façade is a huge part of its appeal. It can transform a variety of types of building, making a strong design statement and presenting a sleek, sophisticated appearance.
Glass façades provide the ideal balance of visual appeal and functionality, so unsurprisingly at Gray & Dick we are highly experienced in this area and have completed many glass façades for clients. View some of our previous projects here.

If you are thinking about incorporating a glass façade, get in touch with us and we will talk you through all the options.

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