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Renovating the interior lobby to the Main hall and Slype of York's Guildhall

Gray & Dick were hired as a specially glazing contractor for The York Guildhall's newest renovations.

York Guildhall

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Situated on the River Ouse in the historic City of York, The Guildhall York has served as a seat of civic governance and a part of national history since the 15th century. In March 2017 plans were approved to redevelop the York Guildhall complex by sensitively restoring its Grade I, II* and II listed buildings into spaces better able to host modern public and civic events, as well as creating a state-of-the-art business centre and separate riverside restaurant. Gray & Dick was hired to work on the project as a specialist structural glazing contractor, tasked with designing, fabricating and installing high-quality glazing solutions in two historic spaces: the interior entrance lobby to the Main Hall and the Slype. 



Making an entrance
Increasing public engagement with York Guildhall was an intrinsic aim of the project, therefore it followed that the new main entrance had to be accessible and inviting. Without question, glass provided the ideal solution. Gray and Dick designed, fabricated and installed an interior, double glazed, entrance lobby with a modern steel frame, creating sympathetic juxtaposition with the adjoining historic stonework.  

The finished result was an appealing, welcoming space that allows visitors to glimpse, through the impressive glass panels, what lies within this unique building; whilst enabling greater energy efficiency – the glass lobby helps to regulate the intake and egress of hot and cold air within the reception area when the exterior wooden doors are left open to entice in visitors. 

Lighting the way
The Guildhall’s Slype – a historic word referring to a covered corridor or passageway – was a previously overlooked space, but one which through the redevelopment could improve the visitor experience. The Slype connected two of York Guildhall’s listed buildings and the architectural vision for the project was for minimal and clean structural intervention between these two buildings. Glass with simple elegant steelwork to high architectural quality was desired, with minimal visible fixtures and fittings to allow for maximum showcasing of the surrounding stonework. The design brief specified ease of maintenance, including allowing access for future glass replacement should this be required. 

Gray & Dick’s solution was a stylish glazed roof with fanning steelwork, and glass doors bookending the Slype space below. The glass roof employed a RAICO system. The RAICO glazing and sealing technology enables a secure and realisable solution for all roof shapes with an inclination of up to 2°. The completed glazed walkway is visually stunning, letting light into what could otherwise be a gloomy space, and connecting visitors to an all-important destination, the café, where a pot of Yorkshire Tea and other tasty treats await them.



Our services
Gray & Dick is the market leader in the design, supply and installation of high-end structural glazing with proven expertise in heritage projects. With more than 40 years of experience, we partner with the best brands to deliver a long-lasting product that will transform commercial properties.

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