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Girvan Gin Distillery is home to the world-renowned Hendricks Gin - in a building which looks just as stunning as the tipple itself tastes.

Set against the South-Western Scottish landscape, this recent £13m expansion commissioned by UK-based spirits company William Grant & Sons is designed to enable the brand to cater for steadily increasing market demand resulting from the worldwide gin boom.

Measured Modernity

In keeping with the Hendricks ethos which champions innovation, the ‘Gin Palace’ has been described as ‘a playground for experimentation, invention and curiosity’, and its interior and exterior architecture inspires such perfectly. Boasting features such as a Victorian-inspired walled garden leading to three glasshouses, two further still-houses, and the addition of a brand-new, state-of-the-art laboratory, the expansion is a pleasing juxtaposition of old and new.

Decorated throughout with antique furnishing set against modern refurbishments, carefully integrated by the contractors involved, the building is a great example of how the past and the present can be seamlessly merged. Showcasing Neo-Gothic style windows created from glass manufactured in the 21st Century, Girvan Gin Palace successfully recreates the aesthetic of a bygone era, with all the advantages and conveniences of modern materials. 

Our Involvement

For this ambitious project, we contributed a spiral staircase, link bridge, roof light, perforated flooring, fire screen and a feature entrance, consisting of a main pavilion and two side greenhouses.

Because the brief to which we worked cited Victorian-style greenhouses such as those at Kew Gardens as its inspiration, we were required to devise a way to recreate a similar look using modern materials. We worked closely alongside Michael Laird Architects and William Grant & Sons, we succeeded in creating a product which we loved and knew would satisfy the client brief. Click here for full details of the project.

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