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Step out with Sky-Frame Pivot

Find out how Sky-Frame’s pivot glass doors can transform your residential or commercial building.

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We have previously talked about how Sky-Frame windows and doors can enhance your home, providing unimpeded panoramic views and a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Now, we’re highlighting Sky-Frame Pivot - a revolutionary system that turns opening a door into a creative act.

What is Sky-Frame?
Sky-Frame is a high-quality system from established Swiss company R&G Metallbau AG for frameless, large-surface sliding doors and windows. Read more in our previous blog.

How does the pivot system work?
Sky-Frame Pivot can be combined with the Sky-Frame sliding door system, providing a fully insulated pivot door with flush transition. It can be up to 2.5m wide and 4.5m high.

The doors swing around the asymmetrically located axis, enhancing the existing architecture of a room with temporary spatial structures. The door glides open with just a gentle push on the handle on the long side of the frame.

The pivot door system meets Sky-Frame’s exacting requirements. The slim frame profiles have a minimum visible width of 40mm, and the doors provide excellent insulation due to the thermally insulated profiles with an exceptional U-value. To see the system in action, watch this video.

What are the benefits?
Sky-Frame’s aesthetic and practical advantages are unrivalled.

Windows and doors enable the flow of space, sound, light and air within a house, and their appearance is important in asserting your home’s desired look. Exposed panes of smooth, polished glass provide an elegant exterior, and the lack of clunky frames provides uninterrupted views and a more even distribution of external light across the room, making your space feel airier and larger.
The simple look inherent to glass also means that it rarely clashes with its surroundings, making it a timeless, yet contemporary addition to most environments.

As well as meeting the highest standards for thermal insulation and safety, the tracks for Sky-Frame sliding doors are unobtrusively embedded at floor level, making them both wheelchair-friendly and barrier-free.

Where can Sky-Frame Pivot be installed?
The system is suitable for residential and commercial buildings - whether new or remodelled.

It is easy to integrate into existing architecture, and can be used to modernise older styles of structures, for example within bespoke glazed extensions that incorporate the Sky-Frame system.

Is it secure?
Yes - the electromechanical multipoint locking system guarantees safety and security. It can be used with any existing home security system, which means the doors can be opened with keys, badges, or fingerprints.

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