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Main Contractor | McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd

Architects | Michael Laird Architects

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Working in very close contact with both Michael Laird Architects and William Grants we have achieved a stunning looking project.

Victorian style greenhouse, similar in looks to Kew Gardens was the brief, can this be done using modern materials and in a short time scale.

A challenge and something to focus the mind. From the outset, after the first sighting of the architects visions, we knew that this was going to be special.

After many months of design and umpteen samples, we had realised a product that would both satisfy the client and produce a final result that is simply breathtaking.

Our involvement in this project included a spiral staircase, link bridge, roof light, perforated flooring, fire screen and the feature entrance consisting of main pavilion and side greenhouses. Glass supplier was Specialist Glass Products.


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