Modern home with a Solarlux outside space

Staying home with Solarlux

Merge the indoors and outdoors seamlessly with Solarlux, creating a homely environment that lets you do more.

Staying home with Solarlux

Solarlux extension. Gray & Dick architects are the leading supplier of Solarlux in Scotland

As we continue to spend more time in the house, we’re turning our attention towards home improvements. According to the 2020 Renovation Nation Report, the average homeowner has spent £4,035.70 on renovations during the pandemic, with two thirds of us saying we want to “make the home more comfortable”.

The most popular renovations have been named as:
●      Garden studios
●      Leisure areas
●      Indoor gyms
●      Pubs/bar areas
So, as the seasons transition, how can we make the most of these new spaces? At Gray & Dick, we’re proud to partner with Solarlux, who offer glazed windows and doors for a variety of applications.
Who are Solarlux?
Solarlux specialise in high-end home improvements including sliding doors, bi-folding doors and ‘wintergardens’. As a brand partner, we use their products as part of our wider bespoke installations to create that custom-made finish.
Solarlux in action
Two of the core focuses for today’s home-orientated consumers are home working and home wellness. With limited access to gym facilities, and more of us using outdoor space, we’re being more creative with what we already have.
This is where Solarlux comes in. The innovative glazed windows and doors offer a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, making safe home entertainment easy, as well as working and relaxation. If you’re looking for a way to improve and add value to your home, try one or more of our recommended installations.
A home gym
Working out at home offers myriad benefits, including less of a carbon footprint, a hygienic wellness space, and a more flexible routine to suit you. With a sliding door installation, you can bring the benefits of an outdoor workout inside.
Allow more space for your workout equipment with large sliding window panes. With panels as large as 15 m2, Solarlux’s minimalist frames allow in maximum light. This is ideal for regulating those happy hormones as you work out, or cooling down naturally with the rays of the setting sun.

A productive home working space
The days of working from the kitchen table are gone. As we adjust to a permanent flexible working regime, we need an office environment that promotes wellbeing. A wintergarden is a great place to start: as an extension of your home, it’s a world away from the distractions of modern living, with enough natural influence to encourage free-flowing thinking.
Turn your wintergarden into a home office, a relaxation space, an office for remote calls – whatever you wish. With weatherproofed materials, it’s ready to welcome you 365 days a year.
A safe entertainment zone
Welcome guests warmly and safely with bi-folding doors. These can extend your indoor space or help you transition into the outdoors during the summer months. By merging indoor and outdoor areas, you can promote safe socialising, relaxation and dining, all without encroaching on your interior space.
Customise your design to suit you – vast and open for special occasions, or intimate and compact for indoor entertaining.
Make your house a home
With minimalist designs and simple to use mechanisms, the Solarlux range can add thousands of pounds to your home value, not to mention enhance your living space. We may be indoors, but we can harness the benefits of nature with a simple installation – just leave it to the experts at Gray & Dick.
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Gray & Dick is the market leader in the design, supply and installation of high-end glazed windows and doors. With more than 40 years’ experience, we partner with the best brands to deliver a long-lasting product that will transform your home.

To find out more about Solarlux systems from Gray & Dick, call us on 0141 952 9619 or send us a message via our website contact page.

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