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Introducing MHB - One of our new suppliers

Gray & Dick are delighted to be partnering with a new supplier, MHB – a Netherlands-based steel company. Pioneering innovative and high-quality steel products, MHB manufacture a wide variety of products suitable for both the commercial and domestic market.

Introducing MHB

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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with, and give a very warm welcome to, one of our newest suppliers: Dutch steel company, MHB.

Founded in the centrally located Dutch village of Herveld over 350 years ago, the company boasts a rich and impressive history in which the traditional craft of steel mastery has been passed down through many generations. Over three centuries later, MHB remains headquartered within the same area in which it was originally founded. The company now works with partners from all over the world.

MHB’s staff are experts in steel, and the company prides itself on its drive for innovation and pioneering products, which are both high-quality and aesthetically stunning. With a company mission which puts the “more light” at the heart of everything they do, the ultra-slim products manufactured by MHB are created with the optimisation of light in mind – something which they perceive as fundamental to personal health happiness.

MHB’s consideration of the place of light within architectural design is so highly prioritised that they now have a designated division in charge of ensuring that this is at the core of all their work.

Our Partnership

Not only are MHB’s high-quality products extremely well-suited to the contemporary, aesthetic, large-scale projects we work on, the company’s values champion sustainability, excellent working conditions and a passion for their work which strongly aligns with our own.

MHB manufactures a diverse range of products for both the domestic and commercial markets, including:

  • Steel Pivot Windows and Doors

  • Steel Folding Door

  • Steel Windows and Doors

  • Soundproof Doors

  • Fire and Smoke Protection Doors

  • Glazed Screens

  • Locking Systems

In working with MHB, Gray & Dick look forward to a very exciting partnership, with multiple collaborations on future projects.

Our Services

Gray & Dick are a market leader in the design, supply and installation of structural glazing, architectural metalwork and high-quality cladding systems.

With over four decades of experience in the industry, we have developed as a business to provide a specialist service in the design, manufacture and installation of glazed structures comprising glass facades, rooflights, canopies, lift-shafts, walkways in addition to bespoke domestic projects.


For more information about MHB, please visit their website here. To contact one of the team from Gray & Dick, call us on 0141 952 9619 or send us a message via our website contact page.

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