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Gray & Dick were honoured to be commissioned to upgrade the iconic glass roof terrace of The Ivy, Spinningfields in Manchester.

Having successfully completed the main construction of the new Ivy Restaurant in Manchester, which included all the glazing and feature steelwork for the project, we were delighted to be commissioned to alter and enclose the roof terrace of this spectacular building.

As one of the focal design principles for this new extension was the fully retractable glass roof, we formed a partnership with the highly esteemed LIBART of Turkey. LIBART specialise in guillotine windows, retractable enclosures and motion architecture. 

Following a meeting in Germany at a trade show and many conversations later, we were satisfied that we had a high-quality product that would fulfill both our own and the client's needs. 

The application of glass in both the roof and structural glazing was an obvious and superior design choice for this project. Not only is it advantageous in a practical sense, maximising light within the building and opening up the interior space, it also takes full advantage of the building’s location;  the large, frameless windows provide viewers with panoramic views, capturing and framing the buzz of the cityscape which surrounds them. 

About the building:

Standing conspicuously amongst a landscape filled with towering, slate-grey office blocks and neogothic architecture reminiscent of the city’s industrial past, The Ivy Spinningfields is central Manchester’s largest timber-framed building. 

Boasting a brasserie, three private dining rooms, a bar and a restaurant, the venue is set over a remarkable four floors complete with a ‘skylight terrace’ – through which its entire glass roof is fully retractable at the push of a button.

Constructed from a combination of materials including timber and glass, The Ivy Spinningfields is a visually attractive, eye-catching example of architecture that complements the surrounding buildings in an original way. 

With vivid green foliage softening the building’s external structure, the effect of Ivy Spinningfields is a pleasant combination of warm-toned timber contrasting with smooth, clean lines of glass paneling, which function simultaneously as both a border and a view.

The building, originally commissioned by Spinningfields developer Allied London, was conceived by Sheppard Robson, and built by contractors BAM. Sheppard Robson was responsible for both the design of the pavilion and also the surrounding space, ‘The Field’, a cutting-edge and inherently sustainable new urban oasis in Spinningfields, specifically intended to redefine and reinterpret the surrounding commercial environment. 

The success of this design is due to a deliberate aim to reflect and challenge the surrounding architecture in that part of the city. As such, The Ivy’s multi-level floors and structural glazing mimic the minimalist look of surrounding steel and glass offices, whilst the fragmented, rustic-looking timber and addition of greenery work in parallel to inject colour, providing a refreshing, alternative architectural look to the city’s otherwise grey, modernist landscape.  

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