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5 reasons to choose bolted glass

Gray & Dick are one of the most experienced accredited installers of the Hansen Glass ThermoSpan double glazed bolted glass system.

5 reasons to choose bolted glass

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Bolted glass is often used in commercial glass projects, such as glass facades and canopies; it is secure and provides a light and contemporary feel to the structure. To really make an impression, we recommend choosing the unique ThermoSpan system. Here are five reasons why…

A sleek, seamless look
Unlike standard bolted glass systems, the Hansen Glass ThermoSpan system is supported with stainless steel fixings on the inner skin of the glass only. This mechanical fixing provides a clean and uninterrupted glass facade, which looks impressive without compromising the integrity of the structure. Having no external framing visible means that customers can clearly see through the facade to product displays inside.

Enhanced safety
ThermoSpan structures are constructed from heat-soaked toughened glass. Where the glass is used in roof structures, canopies or areas where additional protection is necessary, a laminated skin further increases the level of safety.

Energy efficiency 
The system can be used with a variety of different glass specifications to achieve thermal and solar requirements. Opting for double glazing will lessen the amount of heat that can escape, providing greater thermal efficiency. 

High quality, able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, and secure with tamper-resistant bolts, the ThermoSpan system will provide a bolted glass structure that will stand the test of time. You can be confident that this will be a worthwhile long-term investment for your business.

Suitable for a variety of applications  
Bolted glass systems are ideal for facades, canopies and roof glazing, and can also be used in balustrading, flooring, atria and solar shading. Versatile and stylish, it is a great glass solution for many different commercial projects.

At Gray & Dick, we have worked with clients including major shopping centres, large office buildings, and residential towers all over the UK to design, manufacture and install bolted glass structures. You can view some examples of our previous work here

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