Aberdeen station redevelopment new retail units,

Full steam ahead for Aberdeen Station’s new retail units

A bolted structural glazing system has been chosen for the new, high-value retail units, which is ideal for creating a frameless and flush appearance

Glazed retail units at Aberdeen railway station

Gray & Dick is thrilled to have been appointed as the specialist contractor for the new glazed retail units at Aberdeen railway station.

ScotRail announced the exciting £8m redevelopment plan last year that will see substantial changes to the look and feel of the whole station, which has been at the city’s heart for over 150 years. 

The project is being completed in stages and will focus on multiple aspects of the building, including the ticket office, entrance and connectivity with Union Square and the wider Aberdeen city centre, redevelopment of staff accommodation and operational areas, and improved retail facilities. Careful care has been taken to maintain and protect the listed building areas of the station, in partnership with the Railway Heritage Trust. 

A bolted structural glazing system has been chosen for the new, high-value retail units, which is ideal for creating a frameless and flush appearance. Laminated glass panels are also being used, which help to deflect UV rays, provide additional security, meet the highest safety standards, and provide ample sound insulation. 

The project materials are being supplied by Saint-Gobain and Peterlee Glass, two respected companies in the construction sector.


Glass sells: the benefits of using glass in retail
In a digital age where more consumers than ever before are choosing to shop online, creating enticing store environments has never been more important. For retailers with traditional brick-and- mortar stores, having an attractive shop-front is essential for generating a higher footfall. 

There are many advantages to using glass in retail, and it is frequently employed in commercial architecture worldwide. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to potential customers, but it also showcases the products inside, maximising brand awareness. 

The ample amount of light it lets in opens up smaller spaces, creating a more enjoyable shopping experience for consumers. It also reduces the need for power from artificial sources, which is incredibly beneficial from an environmental standpoint. 

When it comes to building methods, glass is an incredibly flexible material and can be produced using the most sustainable manufacturing practices to create stunning results. The production process for glass uses fewer pollutants than some alternative building materials, helping to push forward net-zero design goals. 

The Aberdeen station redevelopment, including its new retail units, is expected to be completed later this year in winter 2021. 

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