Lindores Distillery Glass Windows at Night

The Spiritual Home of Scotch Whisky

We were proud to contribute to this incredible renovation project for Lindores Whisky Distillery.

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The image of the distillery is often rustic and traditional – older buildings with a classic, heritage feel. But when this comes at the expense of the manufacturing processes inside, it’s time to make a change. 

In 2015, we were honoured to lend our professional eye to yet another project in Scotland. The place in question was Lindores Abbey Distillery and visitor centre – otherwise known as the ‘spiritual home of Scottish whisky’.

Securing the project was no mean feat. In fact, the renovation was 25 years in the making. But after years of planning applications, the founder finally got the sign-off in 2013, and we were drafted in to create the large glass panes in 2016.


Mixing the old with the new
A key factor for the distillery was not to overlook its roots. After all, the building dates back to 1494, located on the historical site of Lindores Abbey in Newburgh, Fife. With a nod to King James IV, the abbey truly is the spiritual birthplace of the whisky we all enjoy today.

Working alongside Organic Architects, we set about building on the current farmland, with a view out onto the abbey ruins – blending the old and the new. The team had applied for a refurbishment for the existing farm buildings, so we set to work designing floor to ceiling panes that would add a modern touch without compromising the traditional aesthetic.


New challenges
In addition to mixing classic and contemporary, we also had a unique geometric style to work with. Specifically, the building has sharp, angular pantile and slate triple ridged roofs. We would need to install these with surgical precision, and upgrade the existing materials to modern, durable alternatives.

The floor to ceiling panes make the production area the star attraction. In particular, large copper pot stills overlook the abbey ruins, giving them an imposing presence from the outside. Likewise, the modern machinery is offset by the unencumbered views of the stunning ruins from inside. 

Our glass pane installations draw attention not just to the production area, but to sociable dining halls as well. Ideal for customer tours, the dining room is a bright and airy space with natural light cascading in from all directions. This adds a biophilic feel to the space, allowing visitors to enjoy the sunshine without succumbing to the elements. 

We’ve also juxtaposed this modern glass with a historic brickwork design in the café. When viewing from outside, you’ll spot that this forms part of the larger aesthetic. The glass panes sit atop traditional stone walls on the ground floor, contrasting the 15th Century feel with 21st Century design.

We’re thrilled to have contributed to yet another jewel in Scotland’s historic heritage properties – and welcome enquiries from others.


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