Glass Extensions in Commercial Architecture

Gray&Dick architectural extension in at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow

For more than 40 years, we’ve been creating glass extensions to add light and a contemporary touch to homes. These modern installations can help to:

• Add value to a home
• Save on energy costs
• Incorporate natural materials for a biophilic feel.

But these extensions offer more than just a welcome addition to the home. They also have their place in commercial architecture, and are ideal for multiple uses.

Why choose glass extensions for commercial properties?
Naturally, many of the benefits of glass extensions in homes carry over into commercial properties. For example, they make a statement and enhance the aesthetic. This is arguably even more important for commercial use – imagine a line of restaurants to choose from and then being taken aback by this striking feature.

Beyond their aesthetic value, glass extensions offer many other advantages for commercial buildings.

Better views
Location, location, location – if your commercial building is located next to an area of outstanding natural beauty, or just another famous landmark, your glass extension will make all the difference. These areas are ideal for waiting areas such as lobbies, keeping your guests engaged while they wait for the movie theatre, stage performance or just somewhere to dine.


Bringing outside, inside
The unpredictable British weather can take its toll on hospitality venues, which may face capacity issues when deciding whether or not to open outdoor areas. Glass extensions offer the best of both worlds – access to natural light in a temperature-controlled environment, without getting wet! This helps to increase profitability and gives customers that biophilic connection to nature year-round.

Easier planning permission
Depending on the size of your extension, you may have an easier planning permission application process. These extensions are considered the same as regular extensions, but smaller installations are covered by Permitted Development Rights. We can talk you through this process if you’re considering a glass extension but are not sure of the legal implications.

More space
While an extension increases your capacity, using glass is a non-intrusive way of opening up the space even more. It is also a durable alternative that can withstand the elements, and the abundance of natural light makes the space look better.

More space allows for a bigger number of customers to be served, or a bigger number of workers in the area. Again, this will help to increase profitability and productivity, while keeping your customers happy.


Happier users
Making the most of natural light allows us to tap into our circadian rhythms. These are our natural sleep and wake patterns governed by sunlight. With more access to natural light, we are more productive and our mood is improved – ideal for work environments.

Our services
Gray & Dick is the market leader in the design, supply and installation of high-end structural glazing. With more than 40 years’ experience, we partner with the best brands to deliver a long-lasting product that will transform commercial properties.

To find out more about structural glazing from Gray & Dick, call us on 0141 952 9619 or send us a message via our website contact page.

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