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Dutch steel meets Scottish design expertise

MHB Steel Windows create endless possibilities

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Strong and versatile, steel has for the longest time been the backbone of construction, and glazed structures are no different. 

Twinned with Gray and Dick’s design expertise, MHB Steel Windows create endless possibilities. Their patented thermally broken ultra-slim solid steel products are handcrafted by expert craftsmen, resulting in true works of art. 

               MHB steel windows at Gray & Dick     MHB steel windows at Gray & Dick

Improved Thermal Performance
MHB comes with over 350 years of experience and expertise. Their steel windows are made with state-art fabrication and available in a wide range of styles for both internal and external installations. 

As a carefully selected Scottish distribution partner, Gray and Dick are proud to bring MHB’s high quality, thermally-broken steel frames to the country. It’s a partnership which has seen MHB’s high quality steel frames used to great effect alongside the contemporary, aesthetic-focused, large-scale projects on which we work.  

Thermally broken steel provides the benefit of improved thermal performance over non-thermally broken installations, with heat, cold and noise conducted around one thousand times slower by thermally broken frames. It results in a more comfortable climate, with cooling during hot temperatures and heat being retained in colder temperatures.

               MHB Steel Windows at Gray & Dick     MHB Steel Windows at Gray & Dick

Versatility of Design
Aesthetically, steel is often seen as industrial. But with MHB’s steel windows available with special, bespoke geometrics and various glazing bead contours, Gray and Dick have been able to create and install steel products to complement any room or view.

We have seen - and have installed - MHB products on a number of commercial and residential projects across the UK and are always impressed by the ease of installation as well as how naturally the product looks, no matter the setting.

Our Services
Gray & Dick is the market leader in the design, supply and installation of high-end structural glazing. With more than 40 years’ experience, we partner with the best brands from around the world such as MHB to deliver a long-lasting product that will transform commercial and residential properties.

To find out more about our design services, call us on 0141 952 9619 or send us a message via our website contact page.


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